Using Press Release Services Offers Key Benefits To Businesses & Professionals

Cutting-Edge Press Release Service Shares Insights

The way that the internet is used continues to change and evolve, particularly with the advent of social media. This has led to a renewed interest in press release services and press release writing services for companies wanting to promote themselves to potential customers. Leveraging the power of press releases gives target groups such as investors, customers and even potential employees, suppliers and partners insight into your company and the products, services or solutions your company offers.

What are the best press release services? Better yet, what makes a great press release service?

In almost every industry and niche, companies are choosing to integrate content marketing and social media as a core part of their public relations and marketing efforts. Regardless of company size, online content marketing is shaping the future of brand promotion and communication, and in many cases, phasing out the more traditional channels like print. In effect, content and digital marketing have become almost synonymous with public relations.

This approach forms a strong foundation from which to craft targeted marketing campaigns and build brand awareness using content marketing (content writing and distribution), search engine optimization and public relations – all of which have their nexus in the Quantum Newswire platform for digital agencies and professionals.

Press releases form part of this strategy as they are:

  • A form of content marketing.
  • An important search engine optimization tool that helps investors and customers, as well as other target groups, learn about your company online.
  • Providing a permanent searchable result of your company that can supplement your communication strategy when using the proprietary Quantum Newswire WordPress plugin.
  • An authoritative tool for direct communication ensuring that you can shape the message that your target market receives.
Press Release Services

So what makes a press release services a great press release service? After research, it’s a combination of price, distribution quality, features and, effectiveness.

What Press Release Services Offer Your Digital Agency and Your Agency Clients

It’s important to understand that a press release is simply a unique approach to content marketing and content distribution. These are some of the top reasons to use press release services and press release writing services:


1.   Announcing a new product or service.

Drafting a press release immediately gets your news or announcement published across major search engines and media networks. With the Quantum Newswire platform, you get guaranteed distribution and publication on live media sites like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.


2.   To improve your company’s brand image.

A business wire press release service makes it simple to publish and distribute a press release, so companies are not limited in the number that they send out. Publishing frequent press releases keeps you fresh in the mind of your customers and is a good way to improve your brand’s image as you control the narrative. It also feeds new content signals to Google’s algorithm, part of which has a “freshness” component to it which looks for new content from a brand/entity.


3.   To capture interest and spark action.

Not all but some press release services like Quantum Newswire allow for the inclusion of videos and images as well as other multimedia options. This allows you to come up with new, more creative ways of communicating your news and message and allows you to put digital brand assets like images or videos directly on the live media sites if you use a press release service like Quantum Newswire.


4.   For national distribution at the click of a button.

Before the advent of online press releases, printed press releases were only sent to a handful of journalists who would have the power over whether or not the information would be published. Online press release services give you the power to distribute your information to millions of people instantly. With Quantum Newswire, they have a minimum guarantee pickup and publication when agencies use their press release service which takes out the need to hope that a journalist likes or approves of the content or story.


5.   To educate and involve the public.

Online press releases can link out to other sources to give readers access to even more information such as social media channels, specific pages on the company website or other digital assets that also communicate more about the brand such as a Google MyBusiness listing or a Facebook page. These links or “votes” also play a huge role in search engine optimization or “SEO” as it is often referred to. Quantum Newswire has many advanced SEO features that other press release services like EIN Presswire, Press Release Jet, PR Underground, PR Web and more.


6.   For the potential of going viral

A well-written press release that has newsworthy, share-worthy content has the potential to go viral if it starts getting social media shares. Using a quality press release writing service is a critical component to producing and distributing content that has a high likelihood of being published and shared. Quantum Newswire provides 4- and 5-star quality press release writing services with an all-star writing team that handles the writing for agencies and their clients. Many agencies have challenges finding quality writing and press release writing services and this is an area where Quantum Newswire really stands out!


7.   For search visibility

Using google map embeds and well-written keyword-rich content, a press release boosts the rankings of your site and your Google My Business profile if structured properly and depending on the press release service being used. The Quantum Newswire platform integrates a Google Maps API integration to embed or directly integrate a GMP map embed on all live media sites Quantum Newswire publishes to. This strategy sends powerful, authoritative signals to the algorithm and case studies have proven that repetitive articles with the map embeds will, in fact, boost the map pack rankings for the majority of businesses and scenarios.


8.   For expert positioning and building online authority (a/k/a Google E-A-T)

Let’s face it, the majority of local businesses and business owners/professionals are not getting their picture and content published on major media sites nationally. That’s a fact and Googlebot knows this more than the average consumer, way better. Baked into Google’s algorithm and quality rater guidelines are the concept or principle of E-A-T, otherwise known as Expertise, Authority, and Trust. This is not an insignificant component or area to pay attention to when it comes to online visibility in search results and driving traffic. If you want to learn more about E-A-T, its role in SEO and why quality content marketing and press releases are the keys to building the E-A-T profile of an entity here is an informative white paper on the topic.

Getting your agency clients, and their company or business, featured nationally on high-authority, highly-respected websites that have incredibly high authority scores or Pagerank, accomplishes several key strategic goals. First, by being featured on these types of sites, there is an immediate positioning shift that happens and if your press release writing service or internal team writer does a good job in the writing phase, your client will be strategically positioned as an expert in their industry or field. Secondly, with solid linking and SEO strategies in place, the links and signals you can generate from one article can be significant and Googlebot will find, identify and document these signals for the entity.


About Quantum Newswire

Quantum Newswire is the next generation in press release and content marketing services. The Quantum Newswire platform is only available to digital agencies and professionals and was engineered to help agencies who do content marketing and digital marketing for multiple business clients. They provide their agency partners with the ability to publish their clients’ content to major media authorities throughout the United States on major ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX media affiliate sites. They also offer the option of a direct Google Maps integration to embed the business client’s Google MyBusiness listing directly on the live media sites. They also boast a proprietary WordPress plugin which was developed to automate content publishing, advanced SEO and sourcing the content to the client’s website which is a major differentiator between Quantum Newswire and all other press release or wire services. To contact Quantum Newswire or to inquire about agency pricing, call (833) 266-1200 or visit their website for additional information.

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Quantum Newswire is a proprietary Signal Generation Engine™ which includes state of the art Press Release & Content Marketing features. Quantum Newswire helps agencies globally submit content and press releases through our high-quality distribution network with advanced features no other PR service or content marketing platform provides.


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