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“Press release distribution is the process of circulating or seeding out your press release to journalists and members of the press,” according to Hubspot’s definition.


Many digital agencies have been discovering that press release services can greatly enhance their agency solutions and help them to rank their client’s websites and Google MyBusiness listings in search results.

Most experts agree that the purpose of distributing a press release or pr newswire is to obtain coverage in media publications such as newspapers, radio, TV news bulletins, podcasts, or blogs. In this way, you’re positioning your brand in front of a much larger audience and you are being positioned as an expert simply by the appearance or publication of your content on these live authority media sites.


Simple: you can have the greatest content in the world but if it just sits on your blog or website, very few people will ever be exposed to your content or your message. Furthermore, there is a quantifiable benefit in authority scoring and signal generation when agencies partner with the right press release service. When executed with advanced SEO in mind, press releases do in fact boost your SEO. Our founder coined the phrase, “Content is King but Distribution is Queen, and she wears the pants.”

You can have great content but if you have no distribution network to get that content distributed, then your products or services will go largely unnoticed if that content stays solely on your blog. Media outlets are always looking for fresh, new content for their readers. Small businesses can reap rich rewards from press release distribution services and digital agencies would be wise to incorporate a press release and content marketing solution for their clients.

5-Star Rated Press Release Services and Press Release Writing Services

Press Release Writing Services

Press release writing is an important activity that influences general public perception of a specific person, product, service or business. There are different types of press release services and different types of press releases: SEO press releases, marketing press releases, announcement press releases, event press releases and more. The aim of the PR or press release is to promote a business or professional through an interesting news story. More and more companies prefer to order press release writing from professional press release writing services like Quantum Newswire. A custom press release writing service is time and resource saving for digital agency owners because the orders are completed by top writers in accordance with a strict deadline set by the agency based on the client needs and the marketing campaign timelines.

At Quantum Newswire, we have quality press release writers waiting for your next PR order!   Writing a press release is much easier when you let the expert team at Quantum Newswire handle it for you. We have dozens of quality, US-based press release writers who are ready to turn your client’s product, service or solution into a press release that journalists and media outlets will love and our Quantum distribution will get that quality content published on highly authoritative media sites with our premium press release distribution network.


The Quantum Newswire platform is a premium press release service built and designed for digital agencies and professionals with multiple clients they want to incorporate press release marketing strategies for. We also built an advanced WordPress plugin that works in concert with our SaaS platform to automate publication of content, advanced SEO with schema markup via our plugin smart widgets and many more features that no other press release service provides.

Couple that with wholesale agency pricing for distributions to our high-quality, authoritative media network sites at $10.00 per distribution and 4-5 star quality press release writing services and you have a solution for digital agencies that no other press release service offers. Guaranteed!

Contact Quantum Newswire today via our contact us page or by calling (833) 266-1200.

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Quantum Newswire is a proprietary Signal Generation Engine™ which includes state of the art Press Release & Content Marketing features. Quantum Newswire helps agencies globally submit content and press releases through our high-quality distribution network with advanced features no other PR service or content marketing platform provides.


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