4 Steps to Choosing the Right Press Release Service

Press Release Service Provider Shares Tips on Choosing the Right Platform For Your Digital Marketing Agency

For digital agencies, working with the right press release service can have a big impact on your client’s online search visibility, authority, and reputation. But with so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which PR site is going to deliver high-quality results for you and your clients. 

Press release distribution is the circulation of your press release to media sites and networks for coverage in newspapers, blogs, podcasts and more to get your brand in front of a larger audience. Press releases can help to expand your reach as a business, boost your SEO, increase traffic to your site and, ultimately generate more sales. Sounds good, right? But how do you get started?

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Here are four steps to choosing a solution that will get you the results you need:

1. Press Release Distribution Sites Should Focus on Quality, Rather Than Quantity

A press release distribution service should focus on the quality, not the number, of placements. Google frowns on duplicate content, so a traditional press release service that boasts distribution to thousands of endpoints isn’t necessarily going to benefit your business, especially if they don’t execute the press release distribution properly inside their own software or platform.

Rather, the PR distribution service should be working to leverage the rank-boosting power of media sites that have high authority. This helps to establish your expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T) as it should be strategically set up to transfer authority to your website and GMB.

2. Press Release Services Should Be Easy to Use

Signing up for a press release service and submitting your press release should be easy and straightforward. The press release site should offer excellent customer support should you have any questions about the process. Once the PR has been submitted, the process from that point on should be automated and should include a detailed report of the results they have generated on your behalf.

3. They Should Be Able to Scale with You

If you are an agency that handles press release distribution for your clients, find out if the PR site offers private label content distribution. This white-label service means that you get the credit for your client’s successes and your agency is the listed publisher on all the major media sites. 

4. Check the Additional Services That They Offer

Different PR websites offer services such as extended distribution and more, but the key ones to focus on are those that will boost your site’s authority, as well as those that make the process easier to manage. 

Additional services should include:

  • A WordPress plugin, to automate the content syndication process and generate unique digital signals from your own website.
  • A custom media page, where all your pickups are aggregated for you and can be published on your website automatically.
  • Improved indexing, most PR services will only be able to keep a link live for 30 days, but a good PR site will be able to keep press releases on a premium media site live for up to 90 days. This is important for search visibility.
  • Video conversion, to make the most of the growing power of video, your press release service should be able to convert your PR into a custom video.
  • Inline image and video embeds included, this is often a paid-for extra, but a good PR site will include this at no extra cost. And it should also be easy to update, simply copy and paste the embed code into the correct point in the PR.

Press release distribution and content marketing can be overwhelming but once you have a clear idea of your objectives, and what the PR services can offer your business or agency, it’s easier to choose the right option for your business. 

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