Proprietary Features & Technology

White-Label PR Distribution

Easily Brand PRs & Articles to Your Own Agency/Reseller Brand
We NEVER compete with our agency and reseller partners

Voice Search Distribution

Submit Press Releases to the Voice Search & Digital Assistant Ecosystem

Quantum Distribution

Quantum Newswire’s distribution footprint reaches millions of viewers and readers including the new Voice Search Ecosystem with Alexa and Google Assistant. And unlike our competitors, our press release pickups stay live for at least 90 days and in most cases, forever, vs the industry average of 30 days and flush. This may seem like a small detail but when you use Quantum Newswire you get 3X, 10X even 100X+ the traffic, views plus better results in Google. Every published article on the Quantum Engine is permanently archived on a public archive site. With major media and voice search distribution combined with permanently immortalizing your content in multiple channels and methods and you get a quantum leap in your results.

Live Google Map Display on Media Sites

Our direct Google Maps API integration is an industry-first. Your client’s Google MyBusiness listing will be pushed live through API calls to display the Google Map of the GMB listing on the live media sites. This is accomplished through individual, live API calls on each media site, NOT through embed code. The signal authority and outcome of the way our strategy is executed produces significantly better outcomes in map pack rankings.                  

Google Maps

Proper Sourcing and Attribution

Get the maximum reach and mileage out of each press release published and distributed through the proprietary sourcing and attribution feature on Quantum Newswire.  All press releases published on the Quantum Newswire platform are instantly published to the source/target site FIRST creating a permanent archive of your press release on the target site.  From there our content engine pings Google Search Console to tag the source article as the canonical on the target site. Our software then distributes to the media sites while properly and explicitly tagging the permalink URL on the target site as the original source. Quantum Newswire then creates a permanent archive of each live pickup with dynamic linking back to the source article. These permanent archives of each pickup dynamically link back to your original publication on the target site creating a quantum leap in your authority around each press release.

WordPress Plugin

Our proprietary plugin for WordPress will build a custom Newsroom page on your client sites and automatically post all article pickups with a link the site. Choose keywords, number of articles and other settings, and put the feed wherever you want using widgets and shortcodes. Download the WP Plugin once inside your QN Agency Account

About us

Quantum Newswire is a proprietary Signal Generation Engine™ which includes state of the art Press Release & Content Marketing features. Quantum Newswire helps agencies globally submit content and press releases through our high-quality distribution network with advanced features no other PR service or content marketing platform provides.


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