New Agency Content Marketing Platform for SEO Launches Globally

Marketing Agencies and SEO Companies Jumping to Quantum After Global Launch

Big news hit the agency and content marketing industries earlier this month as Quantum Newswire announced the launch of their new white label agency content and press release marketing platform. Digital marketing agencies of all types are now invited to apply for an agency reseller account. Quantum Newswire has launched exclusive lifetime access deals to the first 100 agencies they onboard. The lifetime deals are extremely limited in time and number; the founders at Quantum Newswire went on the record to say that their unique approach and pass-through pricing model is already sending shockwaves in the industry and will cause a mass exodus of agencies who are currently using other press release or content marketing services. So, if you own a digital marketing agency, it is high-time to go to the company’s website and apply today before the lifetime charter memberships are gone!

The company successfully completed beta testing in January with five different marketing agencies including a white label SEO firm, based in North Carolina, Arizona, and California as reported by Triangle Tech News at

Co-Founder, Lane Houk, started and built a successful digital marketing agency over the last decade and found a huge gap in the content marketing, press release and SEO software niche while helping their own clients build their web presence and improve their search rankings. It is this gap that Houk and his partner, Matt Henry, have addressed in their proprietary Quantum Newswire platform which is focused on serving digital marketers and agencies around the globe.

“There is a huge need for marketing software that really works and delivers real, tangible results. We are in the era of digital marketing and while there’s a lot of tools out there, many don’t work they way are sold to agency owners. So we decided we could build something better that can address some of the weaknesses and services out there,” Houk was quoted in saying in the feature story Triangle Tech News ran on the Quantum Newswire launch.

10 Reasons Why This Content Marketing and SEO Platform is Different

Quantum Newswire is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides it’s agency customers with a strategic technology platform for holistic digital signal generation that no other press release or content marketing service provides. Guaranteed. 

There are a plethora of features offered on Quantum Newswire platform that digital marketing agencies will benefit greatly from, here are 7 of them:

  1. Serving agencies only, Quantum Newswire is invisible in the content and PR marketing process and provides its agency partners with the ability to white label the distribution of all content.
  2. A proprietary WordPress plugin that creates highly-optimized instances of the article/content on the WP site FIRST for authorship and content sourcing purposes and automatically creates links to ALL instances of the article on the high-authority media sites.
  3. A direct Google Maps API integration allowing for Google Map embeds for Local SEO signal generation.
  4. Omni-Channel distribution options for HUGE SEO advantages.
  5. Voice search distribution to Amazon Alex, Apple Siri and Google Assistant ecosystems.
  6. Advanced text editor with video and map embed options.
  7. Advanced on-page SEO automation technology.
  8. Distributed and placed content is live 90+ days vs. the typical 30 days on most other services.
  9. Permanent web record archives of every major media pickup to immortalize the content forever online with live links.
  10. Content authorship and sourcing options no other PR service offers.

While their primary purpose is to use their dynamic content marketing engine to create a wide-range of digital ranking signals using content distribution through it’s proprietary, omni-channel environment, Quantum Newswire also produces high quality SEO-friendly content writing services for its agency partners that wish to have the entire process done and fulfilled for them, including the writing of the articles.

They have partnered with major media networks including major newspapers, radio stations, ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS, where they place the client’s content for strategic positioning and authority-building purposes.

Google E-A-T marketing strategiesContent Marketing Strategies That Satisfy Google E-A-T Guidelines

One of the major differentiating factors is that content on the Quantum Newswire platform is not deleted or “flushed” in 30 days which is standard on almost all other press release services. Content that stays live on major authority and high-traffic media websites increases the traffic many times more than what all other competitors offer. Apart from this better indexing on Google is also an obvious advantage when your content is immortalized and archived on multiple channels.

Google’s algorithm and manual reviews by human raters are looking for three things which are explicitly expressed in the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guide:


Otherwise known as E-A-T, the Google Guide goes into great detail in how the evaluator should be looking at the MC (main content) and how the content exhibits the elements of E-A-T. Businesses that show expertise (in their content), build authority to that content (placement, distribution and linking) and build trust (placement, distribution and linking) better than their competitors are certainly going to strengthen their online presence and reap extraordinary results in search rankings. Quantum Newswire’s innovative and dynamic platform will act as a catalyst to increase the agency’s ability to build E-A-T for their clients in a very simple and automated way.

Ready for a White Label SEO Platform and Service?

If you are a digital agency, website company, social media marketer, public relations firm or provide any type of online marketing services for other business clients, the Quantum Newswire white label content marketing and SEO platform is a new and unique solution that should be a major component of every digital marketer’s toolbox in 2019 and beyond.

Interested agencies and digital professionals can complete the short application on the Quantum Newswire website to get the process started.

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