Barter Business Exchange Exclusive

Quantum Newswire has partnered with Barter Business Exchange to provide an exclusive offer for BBE business customers to help you leverage Digital PR, our enterprise-level media room and the power of being published across a broad-spectrum of USA-based news, media, radio, magazine and digital journals. These are all authoritative news and media sites that will boost your company’s online reputation, expertise and SEO. 

Details of the Digital PR Package Special

All prices above are in BBE barter exchange currency. All sales are final. No refunds for any reason. We provision the media room(s) immediately after order is placed and provision your twelve (12) annual press release credits immediately. Customer is required to provide a title or topic for each press release by the 5th of each month in order for us to author and fulfill the PR for that month’s credit allotment. Failure to provide us a title or topic for the press release may prevent you from having your PR written and fulfilled for that month. 

How does this compare to similar digital PR solutions?

PRNewswire/Cision™ is one of the other industry-leaders. The provide a highly-similar news distribution network and a Media Room software offering as well. 

A 400-word news release that does NOT include press release writing at all and is $905 USD PER PRESS RELEASE and does NOT include images or video. 

A media room through Cision is over $15,000 per year and over $20,000 in year one with the $5500 setup fee. 

Feel free to download the live pricing PDF from Cision to check the pricing yourself. 

About us

Quantum Newswire is a proprietary Signal Generation Engine™ which includes state of the art Press Release & Content Marketing features. Quantum Newswire helps agencies globally submit content and press releases through our high-quality distribution network with advanced features no other PR service or content marketing platform provides.


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